Multi-function brushcutter

Multi-function brushcutters as they are made

The structure of the multifunction brushcutter is quite similar to that of normal brushcutters. The difference lies in the transmission shaft that can be disassembled at a point (usually in the center) to connect the one containing the accessory that you intend to use at the moment. The accessories may be different, the most commonly used are the chain pruner and the hedge trimmer. The main shaft, that of the brushcutter, can be used with any cutting device, be it a head with a wire or a blade. The chain pruner is convenient for pruning trees from the ground without needing to climb them. The hedge trimmer accessory is convenient for pruning high hedges reaching the points where a normal hedge trimmer arrives more difficultly. Other accessories that are available on some machines of this type can be a blower or a cutter.

Multifunction brushcutter how to change the accessory

Generally at the center of the auction of multifunction brush cutter there is a joint with a pin to screw the rod containing the accessory. At the moment in which a different accessory must be used, it is sufficient to loosen the butterfly screw and disconnect the fitted accessory and then insert the one that you intend to use at the moment. Before starting the engine be sure that the screw is tightened to the maximum otherwise the accessory can come off during use. After that the work begins. However, everything depends on the structure of the agicola machine, as some models may have a different structure. It is a good idea to use accessories recommended by the manufacturer if you want to be sure that the machine works properly with all accessories.

Multifunction brushcutters price

Almost all garden machine manufacturers now produce this type of model. The price is variable depending on the quality of the materials and the type of use for which the machine is designed. A multi-purpose tool for hobby use has a price starting from 100 up to about 300 euros. A professional model can have higher prices that can sometimes reach 1000 or more euros. Another factor that greatly affects the price is the engine power, in addition to the displacement. However, the number of accessories supplied with the trimmer at the time of purchase can also affect the cost. It should also be considered that the models with battery-powered engines always have lower prices than those with petrol engines, however the former are better suited for hobby work while for professional work the latter are preferable.

How to choose a brushcutter

A multifunction brush cutter you choose based on various criteria: first of all the type of work you intend to perform and consequently the accessories you intend to use. If you use a garden model for your home, a hobby model, powered by a combustion engine or battery-powered, may be sufficient, also available at fairly affordable prices. If, on the other hand, you are a professional operator then in that case it is important to focus on maximum quality and therefore choose a machine for professional use, possibly with as many accessories as possible. Before making any purchase, make sure you have a service center close at hand wherever you are and choose a product from a manufacturer that has service centers in the areas where you definitely work.